Adding a User

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Adding a User

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To add a new user:

a)Press the dcgs_client_usermgmt2 button.

b)A window will appear where you can fill in the user settings. The fields are described below:
User name
The unique identifier of the user account.
Full name
The legal name of the user account holder or, if it does not belong to one specific person, the account function (e.g. admin has the full name "System Administrator").
Password and Confirm password
The password the user account should have.
User has administrative rights
Indicates whether or not a user is an administrator. Currently administrative rights have the benefit of granting access to the User Management function as well as letting the user add Drawings.
User account is disabled
If this setting is enabled, the user will not be able to log on. This is to be used as a security precaution. It might, for example, be used if a new employee needs to be added to the system but their account does not need to be active yet.
User cannot change password
If enabled, this denies the user access to the System > Change Password function.
Book and unbook spaces - Defines whether a user can book/unbook parking spaces on Drawings.
Acknowledge alarms - Defines whether a user can acknowledge alarms in Alarm > Status.
Modify alarm settings - Defines whether a user can modify Area Alarm Settings and Space Alarm Settings.
Modify drawings - Defines whether a user can access the Edit functionality of Drawings.

c)Press OK. If you have filled out the User name and Password fields (the required fields) correctly you will be presented with a message informing you that the user has been created. Otherwise, an error message will inform you which part of the form has been filled out incorrectly.