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This dialog is used to log the Carpark Client on to the Carpark Server. You need to provide the correct user authentication details and host details in order to do so. A description of the fields is provided below:


User name

Default value: admin

Description: A unique identifier assigned to each user for connecting to the Carpark Server.



Default value: (no default value)

Description: The password linked to the user name, which confirms that you are the owner of the user account.


Remember Password

Default value: Disabled

Description: Indicates whether the Carpark Client software should remember your password for next time you want to log on. Do not enable this option on public/shared computers.



Default value: localhost

Description: The host name or IP address of the Carpark Server host machine you want to connect to.



Default value: 10100

Description: The port that the Carpark Server software has been configured to listen for the Carpark Client software on. Unless this has been changed by the administrator, it will be 10100.