Carpark Client

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Carpark Client

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Menus / Buttons

System - The System menu gives you access to the basic technical controls of the Carpark Client software,  as well as user management.


Status - Shows the live occupation status of the areas of the carpark.


Alarm - The alarm menu can be used to set time and utilization limits for the spaces and areas of the carpark. Furthermore it informs you of when carpark activity goes outside these limits.


Drawings - The drawings in this menu give you a real world overview of the layout of the carpark, and also shows the current status of the parking spaces included in the drawings.


Reports - This menu gives you an overview of carpark usage patterns, on a scale varying from a single parking space, to the entire carpark.

Status bar

Shows your connection status, as well as the license status of the Carpark Server you're connected to. If you get disconnected, or the Carpark Server does not have a valid license, the corresponding status bar fields go red: