First Run

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First Run

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Note: The following chapter assumes you have installed and configured the Carpark Server software and SQL Server already

Logging on to the Carpark Server

a)The first time you run your client, you will be greeted with a login window as it appears below:




b)Please fill this out as follows:


User name




Default admin password: admin

If the Dupline Carpark Guidance System you are trying to log on to is not a clean installation, please consult your system administrator for the admin password.



The host name or IP address of the Carpark Server host machine.

If you are running the client from the host machine, you can leave the default address (localhost).



Unless you are running a custom configuration of the Carpark Server, this will be the default value

(10100).If you are running a custom configuration, consult your system administrator for the port number.



c)Once you have filled out the information in the previous step, the Connect button will become active. Click it to proceed


If login is successful, you will be greeted with a window similar to the one bellow:




Otherwise you will be presented with an error message detailing what went wrong:




Changing the administrator password

Once logged on, you can change the password for the admin user, if you are so inclined.


Do so by selecting System > Change Password and filling out the fields in the dialog that appears.

Note: The Current password is the one you used when you logged on to the server.


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You now also have the option of creating more users for the system, with varying degrees of permission. For more on this, please see the User Management chapter.