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Welcome to the Carpark Software User Guide. This guide will cover the essentials of setting up and using the software included with your Dupline Carpark Guidance System. We will start with a brief description of the system.






The Dupline Carpark Guidance System is built up of a number of hardware and software components. The most  common components in the system are the sensors. These are installed in each parking space. A space sensor detects when a space is occupied and reports it to the Dupline Master it is connected to, as well as indicating it with a colored light. This colored light is also used to indicate if the space is booked. If a space sensor is red, it means it is either occupied or booked. If it is green it is free.


Each Dupline Master can be connected to up to 120 sensors using parallel connected Dupline Buses. Each sensor is assigned a Dupline Channel (which corresponds to a Dupline Address in the software). Dupline Masters can in turn be connected to Moxa NPorts using RS485 cables.


Each port on a Moxa can support up to 16 parallel connected Masters. So a device like the Moxa NPort IA-5250 could, if need be, support up to 32 Dupline Masters and hence 3840 space sensors. The Moxas, simply put, convert RS485 data into Ethernet data. By connecting the Moxas to the the same network as the Carpark Server host machine, the Carpark Server software will be able to monitor the state of the space sensors (assuming the system has been properly configured). Moxas can be connected to the network using a switch. Alternatively, you can choose to only connect a single Moxa to the network, and then cascade connect the rest, as shown in the diagram. To help you configure your Moxas, we provide the Carpark Moxa NPort Configurator software. The Carpark Moxa NPort Configurator software can be downloaded at


Workstations connected to the same network as the Carpark Server host machine can connect to it using the Carpark Client software. If the system administrator gives the Carpark Server host machine a web address, off-site users will also be able to connect to it via the internet.


This guide is broken into three main sections - Installation, Carpark Server and Carpark Client. If you are tasked with setting up the software, follow the instructions provided in the Installation chapter first, then proceed to the Carpark Server First Run chapter, and finally the Carpark Client First Run chapter. If you are looking for usage instructions, see the Carpark Server section or the Carpark Client section, depending on which application you are interested in learning to use.


We hope you find this guide useful. If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions, please let us know by sending your feedback to