Reorganizing Sensors

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Reorganizing Sensors

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You can move a single or multiple sensor icons around simply by selecting and dragging them.


To select a single space icon, simply click on it.

To select multiple space icons, click near (but not on) the icons you wish to select. Hold the left mouse button down, and drag the dotted square that appears over the icons you wish to select, then release the left mouse button.


You will know have a space icon has been selected when a box appears around it:

To de-select the icons, click on the background.


a)Click on one of the space icons you wish to drag. Hold the left mouse button down.

b)Move the mouse cursor to the desired location.

c)Release the left mouse button.


If you have a number of disorganized space icons you wish to align, you can do so with the Align top (dcgs_client_drawings21) and Align left (dcgs_client_drawings20) buttons in the toolbar.


dcgs_client_drawings21 Align top - This button will align all the selected space icons in a horizontal line, as seen below:



dcgs_client_drawings20 Align left - This button will align all the selected space icons in a vertical line, as seen below:




Notice that one of the selected space icons is marked with a solid square. This is the icon in focus. The other icons will align alongside it. To put an icon in focus, select the group of icons you wish to align and then click on the one you want to put in focus.


To delete icons, select them and press the dcgs_client_drawings22 button in the toolbar. Press the Yes button on the confirmation dialog that follows.